**Gwynedd Virtual Book Discussion 3/28/23 @ 7:00pm**           **Norristown EQAT Spiritual Prep 3/30/23 @ 7:00pm**             
            **Unami - Women's Reproductive Rights 4/2/23 @ 9:30am**                 **Gwynedd Coffeehouse 4/8/23 @ 8:00pm**   

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A very warm welcome

We are a group of nine Quaker monthly meetings and worship groups
primarily in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and one meeting in the far northeast of Philadelphia, PA.

We have activities, services, and spiritual enrichment for all ages.

Come and join one of our local meetinghouses for Sunday Meeting for Worship services.
Experience the presence of God in our times of worship. Meeting for Worship is about an hour,
usually followed by light hospitality. 

You will be made very welcome.