Abington Quarterly Meeting Information

Here is where you will find information about upcoming Quarterly events and activities as Members of the Abington Quarter.
Topic  Description
Abington Quarter Calendar Events of Abington Quarter
Social Concerns in Abington Quarter Special Sponsored Programs Around Abington Quarter
Business Meeting Dates and Agendas Dates and Agendas for AQM and Representative Committee Meetings
Junior Friends / Middle School Friends Conferences (JFC/MSFC) Annual Camp for young Friends
AQM Representatives Monthly Meeting point person for the Quarter
AQM Home and Care  Addresses the needs of AQM members
AQM Communications Committee Addresses the Inreach/Outreach and websites for many of our Monthly Meetings
AQM Worship & Ministry Convenes to share insight to the spiritual health of our Monthly Meetings
AQM Fund  Provides grants to Monthly Meetings
AQM Treasurer Contact Information
AQM Contact Information Contact Us
AQM Newsletter                     News of Abington Quarter