2022 Business Meeting Minutes & Reports

Second Month 6, 2022  Hosted by Horsham

    1. Minutes of prior Business Meeting Tenth Month 2021
    2. Treasurer's report 
    3. Annual AQM worship & Ministry report
    4. Incorporation update Robert Reiff
    5. Communications committee updates-
    6. PYM’s Shoemaker Quarterly meetings Grant - Click here for the completed application.
    7. Nominating committee report
    8. Annual state of the quarter Report

Fourth Month 3, 2022 SPECIAL CALLED MEETING on Zoom 

    1. AQM Trustees Board Member nominations from Abington, Byberry and Plymouth Monthly Meetings

        Timeline of Trustee Appointments
        List of AQM Trustees including those pending appointment
    2. Home and Care Committee
    3. Communications Committee - Abington Quarterly Meeting website, registration and online access. 
    4. New Business

Fifth Month 1, 2022  Hosted by Gwynedd  

    1. Minutes of prior Business Meeting of Second Month 6, 2022 and Fourth Month 3, 2022 
    2. AQM Youth Programs Support Committee Report
    3. Nominating Committee Report
    4. Home & Care Report
    5. AQM Trustees Report
    6. AQM Trustees Treasurer's Report
    7. AQ Communications Committee Report
    8. AQM Finance Committee discussion
    9. AQM Fund Committee Report

Eight Month 7, 2022  - Hosted by Plymouth (Annual Picnic)

    1. Minutes of prior Business Meeting of Fifth Month 1, 2022 
    2. Gwynedd Monthly Meeting Land Acknowledgement Minute
    3. Report of Meetings support of the AQM Finance Committee
    4. Anti Racism Coalition - Wanda Wyffels
    5. AQ Communications Committee Report
    6. Byberry's Proposal regarding the Shoemaker Grant request
    7. Friend's Village Presentation - Chiyo Moriuchi Click here for Brochure 
    8. New Business
            Reflections of PYM Sessions

Tenth Month 2, 2022 - Hosted by Norristown   

    1. Minutes of prior Business Meeting of Eighth Month 7, 2022
    2.Reflections from PYM Sessions
    3. Youth Program Support Committee
    4. Invited Speaker-Jayden Sampson
    5. Home and Care Committee
    6. Byberry Grant Proposal - Mary Ellen McNish Copy of Full Shoemaker Draft Proposal 
    7. AQM Treasurer Report
    8. Incorporated Trustees Annual Report
    9. Incorporated Trustees Treasurer's Report and Audit
  10. ad hoc Coordinator Committee Report
  11. World Quaker Day 
    Twelfth Month 4, 2022 SPECIAL CALLED MEETING on Zoom 

    1. Minutes of prior Business Meeting of Tenth Month 2, 2022

    2. ad hoc AQM Coordinator Committee report to Representative Committee
        AQM Communications Coordinator Job Proposal
    3. Plymouth Meeting's Minute of Concern re: Lancaster Monthly Meeting's "Minute on Christian Nationalism"
    4. Nomination Committee (Glad Tidings) Report - approval of new committee members and corporate officer(s)
    5. Old Business - Requests for Monthly Meeting Reports and additional information.
    6. New Business - items for our next AQM MFWB 2/5/23 at Upper Dublin